Our Story

We're sure this comes as no surprise, but it all started at a urinal...


It was a hot, humid day in late spring when a couple of fun-loving friends were enjoyng some afternoon beers and billiards at their local college bar.  After a few drinks, one of the future entrepreneurs went to relieve himself in the men's room. Without a better option, he rested his beverage on top of a urinal and started to take care of business. No more than a few seconds later, a glistening drop of condensation began its free-fall from the exposed pipes directly into his cool, and no longer refreshing beer.


Disgusted, Brian and Dan began to wonder how many drinks have been ruined this way - or worse how many people went on to finish those drinks!


From that day on, the founders of Topwater Marketing have made it their mission to develop a solution to this problem, and provide the masses with a safer, cleaner alternative for beverage placement in restrooms.


Born through our own struggles, we are proud to bring you the BevBench!

Our Team

Brian Tighe


If Brian is not in the office working on BevBench, you can most likely find him on the river fly-fishing or on the golf course  -probably talking about BevBench.


Brian loves puppies, good beer, America, and BevBench.

"Big Dan" Tighe


Dan is Brian's big brother. Besides being good with numbers, Dan likes to play hockey and hit dingers in softball. If you get the chance, ask Dan about his Alexander Ovechkin bet with his brother.





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